Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ceiling Beam Installation Finished

All the ceiling beams are up! Yeah! That was the last major construction item to be done. Now it's all just (a very long list of) little things to get done. The beams really help to make the room feel more closed in, more claustrophobic. Which is the right thing for a submarine!

I also got the beam bolt downs all put in. Like everything else, they're made out of medium density fiberboard, even the bolt heads. Originally I was going to make one bolt head as a pattern, mold it and cast up the 24 needed. But it turned out to be faster just to cut them out and sand them to shape on the belt sander. Only took a couple of hours to make them.


JimSachs said...

Hi, David -

Your project is absolutely fascinating. I was directed to your site by my friend Eric Daniels.
I'm doing basically the same thing in a new house I'm building in Oregon. I recently decided that the theater itself would be Art Deco/Nouveau, while the gameroom would have the Nautilus theme. That way, the underwater window can actually look out into the pool (no iris, though).
You've got a lot of great ideas, and I'll be studying your site carefully.
I'm glad you took the time to document the whole process so thouroughly.

gisellehoyt said...

Holy Scottish Fold Cats! This is truly amazing David! Hoyt just forwarded this to me and I am blown away - you've done an amazing job! I hope there will be a token manhole cover!