Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finishing the Projection Screen

It's time to get the screen up. The frame has been finished and sitting to the side for several weeks now. First I had to wrap the screen frame with black velvet. Velvet is used as it is the darkest, blackest material available. The projected image will be slightly larger than the white screen area and the black velvet will render this spill over virtually invisible.

Steel angle brackets where used to hold the corners together. The acoustically transparent screen material was stretched and fastened to be back of the frame with staples. The screen is actually a woven fabric roller shade material that an entrepreneurial fellow is buying from the manucfacturer by the 100 yard roll and selling off to DIYers like myself by the foot. Good on 'em I say. What am I gonna do with and extra 97 yards of the stuff!

Eventually there will be deep red curtains framing the screen.

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