Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ceiling Isolation

(Originally published February 22, 2007)

In order to acoustically isolate the new theater ceiling from the existing structure, they dry wall is going to be hung on hat channel suspended from RSIC isolation clips. The clips have little rubber discs that eliminate most ofthe transfer of sound energy through the solid parts of the structure.

I installed the RSIC clips and hat channel today. It was pretty straight forward. It took more time to lay out the clip locations as the actual installation, having to make sure that they stayed parallel and 16" on center. Furthur complicated since about 2/3 of the clips are going over and existing ceiling and the remainder directly on the new ceiling joists. One thin I'll say about the RSIC-1s, they may be expensive but man are they well thought out and engineered. It was a pleasure to work with something that is so easy to use! Just screw them up and snap in t he the hat channel. Really easy for one person to do, even on top of a ladder.

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