Friday, July 18, 2008

Framing and Rough Electrical

(Originally published February 14, 2007)

Just got the framing and rough electrical complete. The staggered studs were a bit of a challenge since I have several different wall conditions. Existing 2x3s (actual dimensions) new non-load bearing 2x4 wall, exterior 2x6 wall and interior 2x6 wall. If some places i was able to do pretty straight forward staggered 2x4 framing but where the existing 2x3 walls had fireblocks I turned the studs sideways and spaced them 1/4" away from the existing framing. Where ever the staggered studs crossed the fireblocks or diagonal bracing I placed a piece of 1/4" foam rubber just to make sure they didn't touch if the studs warped.

The electrical was fun and pretty straight forward. Convenience outlets where the columns will be, 4 wall sconces and two ceiling mounted "reading" lights over the front row. Plus a provision for either line voltage of low voltage step lights, all to be controlled by a Grafik Eye.

The top pic is of
the east wall. This is where the seating riser will go. The gap in the old oak flooring and ceiling is where the old living room wall was. The Theater is being built in an enlarged old bedroom.

The middle pic is the west wall. This will be the screen wall. To the right is the entry from the new office space.

The bottom pic is the ceiling. This is still to get RSIC clips and hat channel, then two layers of drywall with GG in between. The foreground is the existing bedroom cottage cheese over lathe and plaster ceiling. In the background is the new construction. The room was lengthened by about 7 feet. The Romex running accross the existing ceiling will be contained in the inch and a half gap between the old ceiling and the new drywall.

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