Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doors in Progress

The top photo is of the new door for the AV equipment closet. It is a plain solid-core door to which has been added a layer of 1/2" MDF, cut out with the appropriate pattern. Cast resin rivet heads will be glued to the door. The door knob will be replaced with a custom made lever handle, but that's way down on the To-Do list!

The original design renderings show this as a trapazoid shaped door with a step over threshold, accurate to the doors in the film. I decided to make it rectangular to match the other doors, both for simplicity of construction and unity of design.

The bottom photo is the entry door from the living room. Here you get an idea what the surrounding door frames are going to look like. The oak door will get covered with a cut out layer of MDF to look like the closet door.

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