Sunday, July 20, 2008

Designs for Prop Dressing

In addition to the physical themed structure of the room, it will be decorated with recreations of many of the props and set dressing pieces from the movie. Here are a couple of renderings showing some of this.

The first shows an ocean chart, above it are the latitude and longitude gauges from Captain Nemo's cabin. Against the wall is a partial version of the specimen display case from the Salon in which there will be shells and other artifacts of the deep. On the stage below the screen will be a large scale model of the Nautilus.

The second rendering shows the iris control arm. Since the iris doesn't actually open (and no doubt visitors to the theater will throw the switch) I plan to have it trigger a sound effect of deep grinding gears and clanking. Then I can say that the iris mechanism is currently broken and cannot be opened!

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